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Updated on Nov 25  2017

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Phyllotactic Pattern

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Phyllotactic Pattern

Updated on June 22  2013
Updated with wrangles/lsystems on Sept 10  2016


    Phyllotactic Patterns are a good start to using math for fun.
    There are a number of sites describing this pattern, including
    The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, specifically Chapter 4.

Other sites include:

Here is a brief description. Recently I have implemented this pattern in Houdini, C++/OpenGL, Python and Scratch as well as in the 90's with GL/C on Silicon Graphics Workstations (for those of you who remember what those are).

Now we have adj, which is our x coordinate and opp, which is our y coordinate, thus we have ( x, y )

Suppose now that
r, θ also are allowed to vary.

Where do these equations come from? Well from a paper by H Vogel 1979 in Mathematical Biosciences.
However, what this has done is reduced the problem to optimal packing on a disc.

 When we substitute these equations in for r and θ it results in the phyllotactic pattern.

Implementing this in Houdini or Python or  ...

So now you have the formulas, now what? You can use just about any graphics interface/programming language as a playground.
Exercise 1 VSFX350/721 will be implementing this in Houdini. Click here for some additional notes.
If you would like to see an implementation in