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Updated on August 30  2017

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TECH 450: Resources

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Resources for TECH 450 Motion Capture and Crowd Pipeline Integration

Posted Aug 2017
Updated on Sept 17  2017

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Assignments are available online only.

Due Dates


Deadlines  (by class number)
Ex 1
out 2

due 6 (Crowds - Intro)
Ex 2 
out 4

due 10 (Motion Capture - Intro)

Project - Phase 1
out 10

due 15 (Crowds - Advanced)
Project - Phase 2

due 19 (Crowds - Final possibly including Effects, Motion Capture)
End of Quarter Hi-Res Stills

due 20


In keeping with creating a studio environment you will be expected to adhere to deadlines and show your work in progress in a "dailies" fashion.

If you have questions, let me know. I am always happy to give you feedback to help you improve your work but you have other projects/exercises to complete within this quarter. Improvement and deadlines are part of the studio process. The "orange box" class dates above indicate assignments allowing optional final renders.

Reminder: You are always encouraged to refine your work, however at some point deadlines require you to put it aside. You will not be re-graded for work submitted after deadlines but it will still count toward your participation grade. Improving your work is important but so is being able to work within the deadlines.


As per the submission guidelines please submit the files in a folder labeled Quarter_Class_EN_LastnameFirstname_Title_Final (contents as before).
***Please leave the original submission in the dropbox***

This allows me to see at a glance, who has submitted a "Final" Version. This folder should be on the top level of your dropbox.

Class Notes

Class 1-20 please refer to the syllabus located on blackboard

Student Responsibility reminders:

Exercise 1 Hints

Exercise 2 Hints

Project Notes

Required Text and free access:

In Addition:


The documentation provided with Houdini software is extensive and online. Specifically we will be using Houdini 16.0.671 and the links below will be very helpful. In addition, we will be using Vicon Blade and MotionBuilder. Please see related sections on my website as specificed below:

Please read/view the following related to Crowds:

Please read/view the following related to VEX/VOPS:

Please read/view the following related to Vicon Blade:

Please read/view the following related to MotionBuilder: