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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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Houdini Crowds

Deborah R. Fowler

Houdini Crowds

Posted on Jan 18   2016
Updated Sept 17  2017

Click here for Crowd Resources
Click here for Height Fields
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There are some excellent tutorials out there as well as some recent masterclasses:

On SideFX

SCAD Student Work:

Here are my instructions for a very basic test to get you started (pdf) and with pictures. More coming soon.
Houdini 14/15 saw the introduction of crowds and now in H16 we have terrain adaption, fuzzy logic ... let's explore!

TIP: importing mocap fbx files into Houdini

The ability to easily import motion capture data into the pipeline is appealing.
Note other sources have tutorials out there on Houdini Crowds, however the above tutorials are free. I have not seen the versions below but are included for reference.

AsideMissing Image - interesting but less useful: Based on the video by "Atom" the following document outlines the steps for importing bvh data into Houdini should you ever need to do this. However this is a step in our experiments we found unnecessary as you can simply import an fbx with motion capture data. It is included only for interest.