Motion Capture Resources

Updated on Aug 31  2017

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Motion Capture Resources

Posted prior to 2013
Updated on Sept 1  2017


Student contributions:

Note - vicon blade has tutorials on youtube

Maya's Human IK video overview for 2017

I would still encourage you to use MoBu (Motion Builder)

Autodesk has been slowly integrating their Motion Builder features since Maya 2013. For this quarter it is recommended to continue to use Motion Builder.

There is an easy pipeline from blade fbx straight into Maya (2013 and up) with the Human IK. The interface has changed in Maya 2017 and I have created a new video.
1. import fbx then Create Character Definition
2. select the fbx in outliner and then Load Skeleton Definition / Match all bones / OK
It's that simple (this is like characterizing in motion builder).

Motion Capture Suits

If you wish to participate as an actor during motion capture you must purchase a suit (minimum requirement two students in the class). These are available online at several websites.

The website that the uni-body suit that has been used successfully in previous quarters was purchased at:

The expense of each suit (Bal Togs Complete Body Unitard) currently listed is 64.95 USD (Sept 1/2017). Check amazon as it sometimes sells from this vendor without the shipping costs, however you may not get your color choice and sizes are limited.

NOTE: These suits fit small (order one size larger than what you normally wear).
The above site only supplies S to XL. I have contacted the company above to see if they will supply XXL in future. If you wish to purchase an XXL they cost a bit more and are available at:

Capture Lab

If you experience any problems in the capture lab please refer to your cage representative and contact me via email or during class.