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Updated on Sept 27  2017

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Wrangle Node Examples

Deborah R. Fowler

Wrangle Node Examples

Posted on Sept 10  2016
Updated on Sept 3  2017

Point wrangle nodes using snippets allow you to create geometry and create UI controls. I have created two examples related to the phyllotaxis exercise. At the bottom of the page you will also find a growing list of other examples and tutorials.

The idea - google search of creating points in vex snippets - lead to three resources:
Below I create an example using a circle of circles and then (of course) the phyllotactic pattern - my go to test. There are some great examples on the above sources as well. This is here more as a syntax reference.

A circle of points can be created using some very simple code in a point wrangle node.
The vex snippets are similar to C++ code (take VSFX 375).
This is a simple equation of a circle (see Phyllotaxis discussion on cartesian coordinates)

int pts[];  creates an array
for loop structure is the same syntax as C++ code and repeats the statements inside the curly braces (body of the loop) for 0 to less than "total".
total takes its information from the parameter labeled "Total". The parameter was created by clicking the button circled in blue in the above figure.

Taking this one step further, we can create the phyllotactic pattern:

Click image for Code Close Up MISSING IMAGE

Additional Excellent Examples specific to wrangle nodes: