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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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Executive summary:
Act professionally - respect deadlines, read and follow instructions, ASK QUESTIONS if you don't understand, do your homework!

Updated on March 21  2013

On the general information and submission guidelines page you will find details of rules regarding protocol for grading. This page is intended as a reminder to students in the classroom of some basic behaviors that are expected both in the classroom and eventually at the studio in which you will be working. All guidelines from the student handbook apply but these are absolutely essential for your success.
This content comes hot on the heels of end of quarter.
These may seem obvious, however I have found it necessary to not only discuss this each quarter, but to repeat this and I hope a gentle reminder to check on these things may help.

Following instructions - if I ask you to label things a certain way in your dropbox please do so. This shows me you can be relied on and are able to pay attention to detail. (At some studios, not following naming conventions not only makes things inconvenient for others, it can break things).

Reading - the handouts for exercise are very specific. Don't just hear it from another student - read it! It is your job to be informed of what is asked of you. These are all available online. May I suggest that you also review them before submitting your final result.

Writing - it should come as no shock to anyone that you will have to describe what you have done. This is an extremely valuable task (we've all seen bad documentation). Not only are presentations required, breakdowns will be a part of every class in some way and these will require you to write about what you have done.

Taking/Giving Feedback - this is absolutely essential in a studio environment. By being able to respond to feedback your work will grow. This is how artists improve. This too is an essential part of my classes. You should apply this principle not only to your course work but to everything you do professionally, including demo reels, cover letters and resumes!

Respectfulness - this not only means in the classroom (pick up your food/trash), but also with regard to deadlines, clean dropboxes, submitting problem reports, the list goes on. Your time is valuable and so is the time of the people you are dealing with - practice respectfulness.

Answer email - if it is addressed to you, you need to answer it in a timely manner.

I love to help you learn - professors are here for your success! This is not the time to text/facebook/sleep/chat.
All nighters are not bragging rights - this shows a lack of time management/planning or an overloaded schedule.

Push your work to it's best - feedback/change/critique/repeat - that's the road to success.

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