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Your website is important. Look at some excellent examples. Remember to show your website to others for critique before you show it to a company. Tips for cover letters and demo reels are given as well.


One of the best places to view student work is at the Quarterlies show held during week two or three. Below is work from the Quarter named:
In addition, some RA talks:

Course Examples

For recent class work see vimeo links below (password given in class):

Procedural - Introduction (Houdini) Examples (721/350)
Procedural - Advanced (Houdini) Examples (728/428)
Motion Capture Examples (VSFX 753/ TECH 326)

Procedural - Intro - A Few Exercise 1 Examples (721/350)

Various SCAD and Non-SCAD Houdini Intern's Work from Aliza Sorotzkin (SideFX Santa Monica)

Graduate Work: Completed Theses (houdini related/chaired):

January 2013
Sewang Kim
An Object-Level Destruction Tool in Houdini
pdf and visuals
May 2013
Francis John Unger
The Art of Digital Dance pdf and visuals
August 2013
Mei-Chieh Chen
Stadium Crowd Tool in Houdini with Key-Frameable Motion Controls
pdf and visuals
August 2013
Nate Usiak
Particle Expansion Tool
pdf and visuals
November 2013
Jennifer McSpadden
Procedural Game Environment Design Practices for Visual Effects Artists
pdf and visuals
January 2014
Sorya Serei
Achieving Strong Naturalistic Digital Performance Through Additional Motion Capture Techniques and Performance Methods
pdf and visuals
June 2014
Ross Macaluso
Auxilium: A Python Lighting and Rendering Tool for Maya
pdf and visuals
November 2014
Matt Fournier
Procedural city generation and techniques for game designers pdf and visuals
May 2015
Adam Koehler
Converting to Renderman: A Python Shader Conversion Toolset for Maya
pdf and visuals
August 2015
Ziye Liu
Using Visual Effects as a Creative Tool for Contemporary Art
pdf and visuals
May 2016
Wenie Rahardja
Domestic Design of the 20th Century Western Home pdf and visuals
August 2016
Zimei Song

Sept 2016

Other Thesis (on committee) of interest:

September 2015
Khushnuma Savai
Production Quality in Real Time
March 2016
Tzu-Hao Chen
My Pop-Up Story
pdf and visuals
May 2016
Garrett Ilardi
Photogrammetry: A Course Proposal For A Visual Effects Curriculum
pdf and visuals