Massive 6.0 Summary

Massive 6.0 Command Line Options

Deborah R. Fowler

Massive Command Line Options

Posted 2013   
Updated July 10  2014

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massive -threads NUM to take advantage of multi-threading capabilities of your computer, where NUM is perhaps 18 depending on your hardware. It defaults to 4 threads. (Thanks to Raiyan for pointing out this feature).

-bg  r g b  gives the viewport window a color background where rgb are normalized ie. 1 0 0 is red

-res  x  y   sets the viewport size

-gui  no windows

-grid  for example, toggles on and off the grid (under the view menu)

Aside - if you are on your own linux machine you can use Create Launcher to create a desktop icon to launch for convenience (I never use this)