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Massive 6.0 Painting with Agents

Deborah R. Fowler

Massive Painting with Agents

Posted 2013   
Updated May 3  2015

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Recently one of my students used paintbrushes for the first Exercise. This lead to the natural question which is how do I get my agent to paint?

using an output node – create a paint.r, paint.g, and paint.b channel values. Also paint.a (alpha) and paint.size. The key is to ensure that the terrain is active and under the Terrain menu, the Texture map is checked on (it uses an image, terrainname.tif that is generated). You can also use the paint editor tool for agent placement (see documentation under “Painting”).

If you wish to render this, you will need to massage the rib and tif files slightly. Once you have output your TerrainMaps from your sim into a directory, you will need to convert them from tif to tex by running txmake (script here - linux only).
Secondly, you will need to have the terrain reference the texture properly. Attached is a python 2.7 script to do just that here.