Massive 6.0 Summary

Massive 6.0 Introduction

Deborah R. Fowler

MASSIVE Introduction

Posted 2013 
Updated April 20  2015

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Massive is a behavioral simulation software used extensively for crowds. The technology was developed for the 2001 "The Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of the Rings" by Weta Digital (and Stephen Regelous). Agents with brains react to each other and their environment.

A quick guide to Massive (current document version V5) can be found in pdf format here. I have recently converted this information into html format for easier access.

A tutorial also exists for Exercise 2 (V3)  MayaToMassiveTutorial.
Remember to include vision - this is just like your vision in Exercise 1 with a few minor modifications - see screensnap here.

If you have difficulty accessing the documentation (manual/tutorials) you can use the shortcuts to the full set of documentation in the following ways:

Fundamentals of Massive Courseware

Please click on _MATERIALS/MASSIVE/massiveDemoStuff/learning/html/index.html. This will open up the Fundamentals of Massive courseware that is not provided in the usual documentation. This is a special 12 part courseware you may have seen advertised on the education section of Massive's website. For those of you who would like to try linux but have never had the chance, there is an overview in the very first lesson.

If for some reason CRTL or ALT are not working on your system check under System>Preferences>Windows On the movement keys select Super instead of Alt (Thanks Raiyan!)