Massive 6.0 Summary

Massive 6.0 Frequently Used Keys

Deborah R. Fowler

Massive Frequently Used Keys

Posted 2013   
Updated May 1  2015

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ctrl - from and to connect nodes
alt - from and to connect nodes with a black connector
ctrl and alt - to disconnect nodes

Be aware - direction of connections matters!

alt-f - follows the agent in the camera
alt-g - creates a macro
enter - to go inside a macro
backspace - to go back out of a macro
delete - to delete a node
alt-c - to copy
alt-v - to paste
spacebar - to start/stop the simulation
alt-r - to reset the simulation

ctrl-a - to get the brain nodes in view (similar to space g in Houdini - centers the nodes in the workspace)

alt-s - toggle between shaded and wireframe
alt-i - display kinematics
shift-alt-g - to expand a macro
alt-x - to externalize (make a node inside a macro available)

ctrl-p shortcut to place agents when bringing up an already defined scene
ctrl-d shortcut to delete placed agents (but leaves the selector - you can shift select and delete it)

alt-o - toggles between agents
shift-alt-a - shows agents local axis
alt-l - show skeleton in stick mode
alt-n -show segment names

shift to select placed groups and in the place tool, delete unwanted placements