Massive 6.0 Summary

Massive 6.0 Rendering

Deborah R. Fowler

MASSIVE Velocity

Updated on July 9  2014

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Velocity is the “gpu built in renderer” in Massive. In order to render and get shadows you must have certain settings. This render should only be used as a temporary measure and is not acceptable for exercise/project submissions.

Please use the velocity_settings folder (_MATERIAL/MASSIVE/Rendering) to provide a quick test to ensure your display is working. Read in the file, hit ctrl P to place the spheres, and under the Camera tab select Render. The velocity render does have issues with some graphics cards and will not display shadows.

The following settings are important: (this is reviewed in a video version available in the materials folder labeled MassiveVelocityRecap.mp4)

On the Scene Page:

In the body page:

In order to get multiple frames, simply go to the Run menu, pull down and select Sim. In Sim you will see a "sim parameters" tab. Toward the bottom in the OUTPUT section, push in the button "pics" and specify the full pathname to where you have created a "Pic" folder. (On Windows, you can click on properties for the folder to ensure you have the correct syntax). So for example the path could be:

H:/ deborah/Desktop/Pic/a#.tif

You are likely to put your files in your own H drive directory, this is just an example. Start and end frames can be specified at the top. Make sure under the RENDER section you have the render selected. Then hit go. The frames will be sitting in your Pic directory.

So to recap:
            1. Create a Pic folder
            2. Under menu Run -  Sim -  Sim parameters tab - push in "pics" and specify full path name of folder
                (leaving the # to indicate the frame number)
            3. Select start/end frame values, and render (in our case velocity)
            4. Hit go, the files will be in .tif format in the Pic folder (see note below)

NOTE: default behavior for output pics go to the directory of your session. If this is not happening, here is what you should do: