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Updated on Jan 6  2018


Deborah R. Fowler

Using OpenGL in MinGW with Freeglut

Posted Oct 7  2015
Updated Jan 5  2018

Currently in Monty we do not have MinGW set up on Windows, however it is simple to install on your home computer (tested Windows 10 on 12/01/2017 and again 01/05/2018)

If you do not have freeglut already installed:

Use the cmd window with the appropriate flags:
ie. g++ -o test OpenGL_Step1_Window.cpp -I"C:\MinGW\freeglut\include" -L"C:\MinGW\freeglut\lib" -lfreeglut -lopengl32

then type test.exe to run the program

Alternatively you could use a make file.

  If you would like a sample test file and make file click here. (tested on 01/05/2018 with fresh Windows 10 and MinGW install)