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Updated on Aug 31  2017

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Deborah R. Fowler


Updated on May 17  2015

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Faceware - is a markerless facial capture system from Faceware Technologies Inc. Currently we are using the free educational edition. There are two parts to Faceware:

In the process of testing and stepping thru the process in 2.6/4.6 to create my own "how to" listed below:

We are using Analyzer 2.6 and Retargeter 4.6. Head expressions were added in 4.6. The company also has some excellent
Note the tutorials are for 4.0 so some of the interface is slightly different.

Technology is based off of FACS Facial Action Coding System.

Previous student work:

Sorya Serei's results exploring Facial Capture using Faceware. Thanks to Rachel Gelfeld, Performing Arts Department (acting) and Kate Kirby O'Connell, Animation (rigging).

Student documentation exists here. With additional notes here. I have written my own version above as these are now for older versions.