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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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General Information and Submission Guidelines

Updated on Sept 14  2014
Revised April 4  2015

Academic Integrity

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to SCAD academic policy. Students are allowed to discuss exercises and/or projects with each other or help each other find errors in their code. However, you are not to do anyone else's work for them. Every assignment in this course is to be done as an individual. You must turn in your own work for all exercises, projects, exams and quizzes!  In particular you may:
Acts of cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in this course.


The drop box is not for personal storage and is not to be used as a working directory. Only copies of the files that you hand in for exercises and projects should go into the dropbox. Please follow proper naming conventions as specified in the submission guidelines. Warning: Files and directories in the drop box which have not specifically been requested may be deleted without notice.

The Materials folder will be used to share class materials as well as other students work this quarter. So if you have something cool that would benefit others understanding, let me know, drop it in your dropbox and I'll copy it to the Materials folder.

Submission Guidelines

Exercise submissions:  Create a directory in the dropbox, Quarter_Class_EN_LastnameFirstname_Title/, containing:

If you are using an IDE such as Visual Studios on windows or Eclipse on linux, zip your project folder and submit that with the analogous naming convention ie.

Project submissions:  Similar to the exercise submissions, using directory Quarter_Class_P_LastnameFirstname_Title/

Resumission: If you are allowed a resubmission, please put the code content into a folder titled as above but with _Final appended to the name and leave the original submission alone.


Please follow the naming conventions as specified in the exercises and projects and on this page. I will not search for your work if you don't put it in the right place. It is your duty to check to ensure it is there and properly labeled. You will lose points if you do not.

Late Policy

Students will be expected to hand in exercises and projects on time (start of class).  I have little tolerance for late assignments - it is not fair to the students who worked hard to get their work in on time.
Any late assignments accepted in extenuating circumstances may incur a late penalty anywhere up to 50 percent if accepted at all.

Projects and Exercises have strict deadlines. Due means due at the start of class!

Reviews and Dailies

As with any studio, you will be expected to present your work in progress during dailies (when time permits). Projects will requires a presentation. The purpose of critiquing is to give you feedback on your work so that your work can be improved. If you have been asked to revise your code please do so by next class period. Keep in mind that re-submissions may be subject to be averaged with the original submission grade. This is fair to all students, including those who have their work fully complete at deadline.

Note that you are always welcome to seek input on your progress at any stage in a project or exercise.

This policy gives you an opportunity to integrate changes based on constructive critiques in class. This is an extremely important step in studio production and you must have your work ready to present on the due date and in dailies.


The grading breakdown is detailed on the syllabus. Note that part of your grade is for participation. This includes being prepared for dailies, handing things in on time, being part of classroom discussions, communicating, working on in-class exercises, asking questions when appropriate, showing respect for others in the class and participating in critiques when required.

For all student presentations, please refrain from working during presentations, be courteous and pay attention. This is expected and counts toward your participation grade.