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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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Posted on Dec 13  2017
Updated Jan 15  2018

Demo Reels

Here are some general tips about demo reels, cover emails, interviews. Most students know the obvious ones such as do not misrepresent or lie, do not chew gum during an interview, do dress up (it shows respect), do be on time (shows respect - that applies to classes too)

Website: (should contain)

Cover letters/email:

Other Resources:

An excellent article about cover letters exists here.

Note the parts of a cover letter are summarized on the above website:

Also include information about:

Some excellent demo reels exist on the student examples page
Excellent advice on demo reels can be found on Pixar's site
An interesting article from linkedin on interview advice here
Creative heads is a great source of job listings and 
... talk to your CAS rep!