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Updated on Jan 6  2018


Deborah R. Fowler

Using OpenGL in Visual Studios with Freeglut

Posted Oct 7  2015
Update Feb 12  2017

Currently in Monty we are now using Visual Studios 2015 Professional. At home you may use VS 2015 community. Until W16 we had been using 2010.

Notes about VS 2015 are included at the top of this page and have been tested on my home computer.
Please skip to the bottom only for instructions for older versions of Visual Studios.

Inside Visual Studios 2015 it is even easier! (sort of) and you can install Community for Free!  (vs_community_EDU_758833255.1483585560.exe)

TIP: VISUAL STUDIOS 2015 do not use the default install, you must select custom to install C++ support (you can go back and add it if you forgot I did as I thought it would be out of the box

NOTE: Microsoft has changed their install procedures for VS 2015 since I downloaded in early October 2015. 

Now the "install" of freeglut is thru NuGetPackageManager
If this method is used, do NOT have the lib file included in the properties. (If you are using an older file that included them you may need to remove them)

Steps are:
1. Tools/NuGet Package Manager/ Manage NuGet Packages for Solution
2. Click on Browse and search for nupengl.core (warning - do not use the nuopengl.core.redist)
3. Select it, select checkbox for project and install



Please note, on Windows 7, Community version vs_community_EDU.exe does not work, download the iso and burn to disc (right click and select Windows Disk Image Burner, then burn), then run off disk to install ... however the professional version does work without iso/burn. UPDATE JAN 7/2017 - VS 2015 Community works on Windows 7 and installs with vs_community_EDU_758833255.1483585560.exe.

I note that since October, the default install of both the above littered my Program Files (x86) with files rather than neatly putting all into the Microsoft Visual Studio XX subdirectory. UPDATE JAN 7/2017 - clean install on Windows 7, to be tested on Windows 10.

A trial pro version for SCAD only existed but I have had license issues at home - community recommended instead (do not use the MSDN resources, use Microsoft site and download vs_professional_ENU.exe (this one does work on Windows 7 and higher).

NOTE: VS 2015 has python support:

TIP: VS2015 has a character limit of 248 characters for directory/filenames

THESE ARE NOTES FOR VS 2010 and are archived here:

If you do not have freeglut already installed:

If you have freeglut already installed do the following

Inside Visual Studios 2010 go to