Blade 3.1 / 3.3. 1 Summary

Blade 3.1 / 3.3.1 Troubleshooting

Deborah R. Fowler

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Posted Dec 9  2013   
Updated March 26  2016

Blade 3.1 / 3.3.1 Troubleshooting

Please do not randomly click buttons without knowing what they do. Blade 3.3.1 has excellent documentation if you use the ? button on the right.
If you run into problems, quit out of Vicon Blade and bring it up again. This will reload most of the setting required for the software. There are some exceptions.

The software will automatically try to load in previous calibrations and database information. Ensure that you set these for your capture session.

Capture button is grayed out?
Make sure you didn't accidently click the video camera data check box. That should not be on.

Not seeing your dot man when capturing?
Make sure that you have reconstruct or solve not circle fit.
Check what you have in the view filter window.

Problematic camera not picking up data?
Be patient. If you have tried a calibration and one camera has failed, quit and restart vicon. If you need to do this more than 3 times contact cage support. So far every case has been resolved with patience.

When processing a take, Solve Motion indicating "cannot solve"?
Check that the vss was exported (saved - floppy disc icon) during the processing rom step.

Corrupted enf file?
Thank you Sorya S. for this entry - click on his pdf here.