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Updated on Feb 13  2017

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Deborah R. Fowler | Math for VSFX!

Deborah R. Fowler

Math for VSFX

Posted 2013
Updated on May 24  2016

This consists of a growing collection of examples (mostly houdini) of useful mathematical properties used frequently in visual effects.

Collaboration (password only currently)

Acos is your friend
Circle Circumference
Circle Illusion
Coordinate Systems (Polar versus Cartesian)
Cross Product

Dot Product (Two point constraints) (Pythagorean Theorem/Vector review as well)
Dot Product Follow
(Using the dot product and following a point)
Gear Ratio
Phyllotactic Pattern
Phyllotactic Zoetrope
Pythagorean Theorem at work (train)
Shooting Ball
Similar Triangles (better roof)
Spinning Fun
Velocity (tank game)
Wave Illusion

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