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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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Wrangle Nodes

Posted on Aug 25  2013
Updated on Sept 3  2017

See Wrangle Node Examples

Wrangle nodes are an extremely powerful and easy way to add code/customized nodes to your houdini network. See also VEX/VOPS and a little Python

Wrangle nodes use a subset of the VEX language, sometimes referred to as VEX snippets
(like vex with fewer high level constructs). If you have a background in C++ the syntax will come easily with a few added features. Under Wrangle node examples you will see an increasing set of tutorials and example files. The best way to learn VEX is to use it to solve a problem.

Why use them? VEX or point wrangle nodes are 10x faster than the point SOP!

When getting started, some things to node are:
 In VEX (work in wrangle too)
 In Wrangle
 v  or v4
int myarray[];
Also arrays! Either attribute or local

TIP: C++ is very useful for understanding VEX.

TIP: For a list of functions available in vex refer to the documentation or, on linux, type vcc -X sop in a terminal shell
(note for those on Windows go to SideEffectsSoftware/CommandLineToolsVersionNumber to open a window similar to unix (but is ms-dos with Houdini env initialized)