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Updated on Dec 13  2017

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Houdini Tutorials

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Houdini Introduction

Updated on Dec 14  2017

Advanced Users see section topics


TIP: anytime you see a new node introduced read the documentation included by clicking on the ? button in Houdini

For those of you starting Houdini do not ignore the documentation. Two important user forums exist:

Some of the older tutorials exists on the vimeo channel Go Procedural (November 2010, Houdini 11). The pdf versions are no longer accessible. (Go Procedural User Guide, First Steps, Next Steps). These are quite dated and there are many more resources available, however much of the information contained is valid.

TIP:   vlc has a feature under playback that allows you to play videos at faster (or slower) speeds. The SideFX tutorials can be downloaded from the vimeo page. This sometimes helps when you are searching for something specific.

TIP:  google is your friend - the search engines in the forums don't always give you the answer you want - search on google and then look for the forums in the results.

Getting Started

GENERAL - in addition to the resources listed above RENDERING



Instancing is an important concept and will be discussed as it relates to lighting, however in Houdini packed primitives are cooler!