Exercise X:




Houdini Version:


Important statistics:


Average render time [optional]: (include time,  resolution,  samples,  noise value,  min/max rays – additional settings)

Number of lights in scene:


You are free to reformat this, however the above should be included and be easily readable. I would suggest a tabular form if that makes it easier.


What you did differently from out of the box:

·         Be specific – include any extensions


Description of problems encountered and solutions:

·         these should be concise and to the point

·         include screen snaps where appropriate (don’t pad with network views that don’t give info)

·         your breakdown should act as a quick guide as to what to expect in your hip file or you may think of it as “how would I tell someone how to do what I did” if they were a Houdini peer


Your breakdown is to be a technical document, not an essay. You are to submit this with your assignment as Quarter_Class_EX_LastnameFirstname_Title.pdf or html

***No other formats will be accepted.