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Updated on Feb 5  2017


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Updated on Aug 31  2017

SCAD VSFX Student News

Sonova winner of a Red Dot Award 2017! Congratulations Ryan, Justin and the entire Team!

Ziye Liu winner of a Red Dot Award 2016 Communication Design

Syed Ali Haider Rizvi - winner of The Rookies Internship award 2016 - check out his demo reel

Shango - Michael Rhima's excellent short film and his demo reel

Sonova - 2016 - on vimeo and follow on twitter and facebook

Watch for:

Wenie Rahardja - MFA thesis work by Wenie Rahardja on vimeo

Themes & Variations by Ziye Liu (August 2015) - MFA thesis

No-A on vimeo and FX breakdown as well as twitter and facebook

Congratulations to the students featured on Houdini's Gallery: