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Deborah R. Fowler | Graduate Theses Examples

Deborah R. Fowler

Graduate Work

Updated on Jan 5  2018

Graduate Work: Completed Theses (houdini related/chaired):

11 - 2017
James Spadafora
OSE: Open Shader Editor
01 - 2017
Lubomir Kocka
Virtual Reality and Motion Capture: Embodying an Avatar in the Virtual World
01 - 2017
Delinor Smith
Layered Cloth Workflow
09 - 2016
Shirui Zhang
Visualization Design for Gait Rehabilitation
08 - 2016
Zimei Song
Digital Patterning and Dynamic Dresses with Computer Technologies
05 - 2016
Wenie Rahardja
Domestic Design of the 20th Century Western Home
visual on vimeo as well
08 - 2015
Ziye Liu
Using Visual Effects as a Creative Tool for Contemporary Art
visual on vimeo as well

05 -  2015
Adam Koehler
Converting to Renderman: A Python Shader Conversion Toolset for Maya
11 - 2014
Matt Fournier
Procedural city generation and techniques for game designers
06 - 2014 Ross Macaluso Auxilium: A Python lighting and rendering tool for Maya
01 - 2014 Sorya Serei Achieving Strong Naturalistic Digital Performance Through Additional Motion Capture Techniques and Performance Methods
11 - 2013 Jennifer McSpadden Procedural Game Environment Design Practices for Visual Effects Artists
08 - 2013 Nate Usiak Particle Expansion Tool
08 - 2013 Mei-Chieh Chen Stadium Crowd Tool in Houdini with Key-Frameable Motion Controls
05 - 2013 Francis John Unger The Art of Digital Dance
01 - 2013 Sewang Kim An Object-Level Destruction Tool in Houdini

Other Thesis (on committee) of interest:

05 - 2016
Garrett Ilardi
Photogrammetry: A Course Proposal For A Visual Effects Curriculum
03 - 2016
Lindsey Sprague
Imaginativa: Neurobiological Resonances of Sound and Color with Synesthesia as an Alternative Visual Narrative
03 - 2016
Tzu-Hao Chen
My Pop-Up Story
09 - 2015
Khushnuma Savai
Production Quality in Real Time
visual on vimeo as well