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Updated on January 7 2017

Deborah R. Fowler

Geany on Linux for C++

Added on  March 11  2014
Updated on Jan 14  2018

At school you will likely be asked to use Linux for our programming classes. (Unless you are majoring in games). Since I use Windows at home, documentation is provided for both on this site.

Getting Started (instruction for a IDE managed project):

1. Start up Geany
2. If you are working on a single cpp file, you may simple add the needed flags to both the Compile and Build lines. However, if you are using multiple sources you will want to create a Makefile (screen snap below is for a Window setup but the menus are the same).
3. To execute the make file you can run make by clicking on the downward arrow next to the build command and running make.
4. Fill in the name of your executable file in the Execute dialog box (remember to use the ./ on our linux system or use the default pattern matching string "./%e").

Missing Diagram - please email

Note that on linux under Edit->Preferences->Tools
you will set your terminal to gnome-terminal
Note that on the CentOS7 flavor of linux it is gnome-terminal with the command to run the executable.


Make file examples are given on the summary table section of the documentation.