Deborah R. Fowler

Assignments and Rules

Updated on  March 22   2012

Academic Integrity

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to SCAD academic policy. Students are allowed to discuss exercises and/or projects with each other or help each other find errors in their code. However, you are not to do anyone else's work for them. Every assignment in this course is to be done as an individual. You must turn in your own work for all exercises, projects, exams and quizzes!  In particular you may:

Acts of cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in this course.

Drop box

The drop box is not to be used as personal storage. You should be submitting copies of the files that make up your assignments. You should not be using the drop box as a working directory. Files and directories in the drop box which have not specifically been requested for an assignment may be deleted without notice. You have been warned.

Late Policy

Students will be expected to hand in exercises and projects on time (start of class).  I have little tolerance for late assignments - it is not fair to the students who worked hard to get their work in on time.

Please follow the naming conventions as specified in the exercises, assignments and on this page. I will not search for your work if you don't put it in the right place. It is your duty to check to ensure it is there, properly labeled, and can be opened with C++ Visual Studio.

Please hand in your Exercises at the start of class (I will be checking the timestamp on the file when I am grading).


In this class you will be expected to be part of classroom discussions, communicate with your professor in person and via email, work on in-class exercises, ask questions when appropriate, and show respect for others in the classroom. This class also includes some presentations of your work.

Submission of Work

1. Compress your Visual Studio 2010 project directory into a zip archive. (Under Visual Studio 2010/Projects/WhateverYouCalledIt, not the entire "Projects" directory but the "WhateverYouCalledIt" directory).

2. Rename your zip file as follows: (replacing "LastnameFirstname" with your names and N with the appropriate number).

3. Copy this file to your dropbox.

NOTE:  DO NOT RENAME YOUR PROJECT DIRECTORY, just your zip file. The IDE uses the project name internally and your .sln file will not work properly if you rename the project, even if your .cpp file is fine.

Coding Standards Documentation

Please read the Coding Standards guideline for this class as well as the document about best practices for programming.